Artist Painter/Songwriter

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Watercolors by Marc Hackett (ask about commissions)

'Texas Hill Country'

'The Blue Door'

​'October Harvest'

'The Blue Rocker'

'The Wishing Well'

'Echo Canyon, New Mexico'

'Hudson Winter'

'High Road To Taos'

Marc Hackett  A.S.C.A.P. singer/songwriter

Marc Hackett  Watercolor Artist

Marc Hackett is a singer-songwriter who spent many years performing throughout the united States. Enjoy some of Marc's Music on the Home page or on Marc's Music Page. Marc is a member of NSAI National Songwriters Association International and you can find his music on this website, Reverbnation, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Enjoy Marc's music and art. Marc performed professionally for over 14 years across the united States from Ohio to California, both as  solo and with various bands. Marc now writes, records and pitches his music to publishers and record companies.
 Marc Hackett is a watercolor artist born and raised in the mid-west. Marc has studied with such artists as Lowell Ellsworth Smith and Marc Moon both contemporary artists and members of the prestigious A.W.S. American Watercolor Society and N.A.W.A the north American  Western Artist's. Marc also studied with Richard Treaster A.W.S and N.A. National Academy. And also with another world class painter John Pike of Woodstock, new York.  John w as both a A.W.S and N.A. artist. Marc has spent many years painting and selling his work throughout the United States.